Completely Awesomeness

1. Autumn Fog, 2. take a seat, 3. Autumn Fog, 4. Leaf Hopper, 5. flower no more, 6. autumn collage, 7. , 8. Falling Leaf, 9. , 10. Strung Up, 11. melancholy, 12. day sixty six: tried and true, 13. WORK, 14. Chucks Say HI, […]

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What If?

I’ve got a crazy insane idea. What if next year we cut out presents entirely, every single one of us. What if instead we all picked one day to get together and we all brought some food and drinks? What if we all just hung […]

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Funny but Late

I don’t think I own one standup comedy dvd, which is a shame because I love standup comedy. I love it so much I’ve been to a nearby theater several times to see the comedy show. For my 24th birthday a bunch of us went […]

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