0 Thoughts on “The Sound of Silence

  1. I missed you last night… although I managed to avoid MIL for a bit cause she was cooking… :)

    Which was awesome by the way… yummy

    hope that you are going to come by tonight :) hug

  2. Catch me up a little – how do you do your blog?

  3. @gemini – :thumbsup:
    @whall – in what way do you mean by “do?” usually it involves a little sarcasm and a lot of random thoughts that are usually floating around in my head.

  4. I didn’t mean in it the pretentious way like in the old tyme movies…

    “oh, how DO you make time for these cookies, Jane?”

    I have my own pretentious way. I’m wondering how you blog without power. Are you able to do all this from your phone?

  5. @whall – either my sister-in-law’s house or work, that’s it.

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