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0 Thoughts on “Crazy is as Crazy Does

  1. Wow. And I thought my family was strange when my grandfather managed to convince every grandchild that he was in movies with John Wayne. :twitchy:

  2. I have my three boys convinced that the big scar on their grandpas (my dad’s) side is a from a shark bite (LOL a NURSE shark) they have no idea its from a kidney transplant.

  3. I am over near Boston and we got all rain here. I feel for ya with no power. Can’t be nakid very long without any heat. Not as much as I do anyway…. As far as crazy goes. I thing we all are a little.. :avi: :nana: :twitchy:

  4. @crystal – maybe he was :dunno:
    @bluepaintred – a nurse shark? you might be worried about those kids of yours…
    @Glenn – true. oh and to add some weirdness to this…the son (my uncle) my grandmother lost…his name was Glenn :what:

  5. First, Chico was the Marx brother who played the piano, tho Harpo did take lessons as well.
    Second, if that’s true, that is the coolest thing I’ve ever heard (mostly because I love the Marx brothers more than any 24 year old in 2008 ever should).
    Third, I can relate completely to having a family member who tells insane stories. My great-grandfather was the same. He was a world class bullshitter and the more you look in to his stories the more you have to wonder if he ever told anyone the truth about anything. I think he did it to sound more interesting and honestly, they are pretty awesome stories. (For years my grandmother believed that all of the fingers on her dad’s one hand were the same length because a German shot them off during the war. It wasn’t until she was an adult and long after he died that someone told her they had actually been cut off in a machining accident… hahahaha)
    Apparently my brother inherited his ability to tell stories. All I got was his tendency to curse like a drunken irish sailor.


  6. Family is entertaining…

    Him staying with her is true love. (or maybe he was crazy like her..)

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