Talking about the idea of having children (something I seem to talk about a lot but I blame all of you for having them).

Me: I don’t want to become a mom that is obsessed and over-protective. What if all I can think or talk about is babies?

Manly Man: Like you do with the cats?

Me: Shut up.

Manly Man: How many pictures do you have of them?

  • Dana

    Hahahaha, that man you married is a funny guy Robin! :bpr:

  • gemini

    LOL don’t feel bad I just had a 30 min conversation with a friend at work about grooming our dogs… LOL :lmao:

  • Amanda

    Why are you concerned about it? Is there something you want to tell us?

  • Robin

    @Dana – don’t tell him that.
    @geminiand then you brush her hair, then brush it again
    @Amanda – nope, nada…just talking openly and honestly because i don’t want to have any regrets.

  • bluepaintred

    You dont always talk about cats, sometimes you talk about your missing pen.

  • Maureen


  • Tara

    Cats are so much less work, though. Something to keep in mind. :-)

  • Robin

    @bluepaintred – :fu:
    @Maureen – :dunno:
    @Tara – actually i said that afterwards…i mentioned that while i might overdo the mom thing with them i am not buying them clothes or taking them to school…it’s minimal what i need to do for them everyday so they aren’t at my forefront at every moment. i don’t need to worry or think about them all the time, i like that.

  • Goddess Roni

    nothing wrong with being slightly obsessed with the things you love, I talk about my furbabies all the time. Those who dont want to hear it are free to walk away ;) :gemini:

  • Gwen

    There is also nothing wrong with taking lots of pictures of your cats. It’s perfectly normal. ;)


  • DutchBitch

    LOL… He might be on to something there…

    Yeah, I know… “shut up”. I’ll shut up… :dutchy:

  • themuttprincess

    Talking about your kids is ok.

    Now ONLY talking about your kids is a whole ‘nother thing….

  • Caryn Caldwell

    Hilarious, especially since I am exactly the same way. I definitely fear I will become kid-obsessed when we procreate.

  • B

    You should see all the pictures I have of my pets! It’s a little scary.

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