Talking about the idea of having children (something I seem to talk about a lot but I blame all of you for having them).

Me: I don’t want to become a mom that is obsessed and over-protective. What if all I can think or talk about is babies?

Manly Man: Like you do with the cats?

Me: Shut up.

Manly Man: How many pictures do you have of them?

0 Thoughts on “The Obsessive Mom

  1. Hahahaha, that man you married is a funny guy Robin! :bpr:

  2. LOL don’t feel bad I just had a 30 min conversation with a friend at work about grooming our dogs… LOL :lmao:

  3. Why are you concerned about it? Is there something you want to tell us?

  4. @Dana – don’t tell him that.
    @geminiand then you brush her hair, then brush it again
    @Amanda – nope, nada…just talking openly and honestly because i don’t want to have any regrets.

  5. You dont always talk about cats, sometimes you talk about your missing pen.

  6. Cats are so much less work, though. Something to keep in mind. 🙂

  7. @bluepaintred – :fu:
    @Maureen – :dunno:
    @Tara – actually i said that afterwards…i mentioned that while i might overdo the mom thing with them i am not buying them clothes or taking them to school…it’s minimal what i need to do for them everyday so they aren’t at my forefront at every moment. i don’t need to worry or think about them all the time, i like that.

  8. nothing wrong with being slightly obsessed with the things you love, I talk about my furbabies all the time. Those who dont want to hear it are free to walk away 😉 :gemini:

  9. There is also nothing wrong with taking lots of pictures of your cats. It’s perfectly normal. 😉


  10. LOL… He might be on to something there…

    Yeah, I know… “shut up”. I’ll shut up… :dutchy:

  11. Talking about your kids is ok.

    Now ONLY talking about your kids is a whole ‘nother thing….

  12. Hilarious, especially since I am exactly the same way. I definitely fear I will become kid-obsessed when we procreate.

  13. You should see all the pictures I have of my pets! It’s a little scary.

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