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7 Thoughts on “How I Took Gwen On

  1. Why do you have to let the disease of Facebook spread over to your blog?!? :avi:

  2. I should use my Facebook for interesting things like that! My statuses are snooooze-o-rama-lama-dingdong!

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…. Oh man, I seriously laughed so hard I couldn’t see.
    You still love me, right?


  4. @Avitable – hey i take the good stuff wherever i find it…if it’s under my bed or on facebook…so be it.
    @Hilly – i’ve had quite a few interesting conversations.
    @Gwen – if it weren’t for the cupcakes you’ve softened me up with over the years i might not be, good thing for cupcakes.

  5. You are too funny.

    Love the pics!

  6. Good thing, indeed. See, I’m always one step ahead!


  7. I think I need a decoder ring…

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