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5 Thoughts on “audition

  1. Well you know I’ll be looking for this. Thanks for another movie to go check out. I always love them 🙂

  2. @Heather B – let me know if you have any to recommend…i’ve gotten great ones from you. Did you ever see Eraserhead?

  3. Some of the Japanese horror flicks are pretty good, although that clip really didn’t entice me at all.

  4. @Robin – Yep I’ve seen Eraserhead :)shortly after you blogged about it. In fact my girlfriend and I just watched it I believe last month. Did you ever check out the Japanese film “The Last Supper”

  5. @Avitable – it’s more of the lead up to the film but hey, can’t entice everyone can ya?
    @Heather B – i couldn’t remember but i’m sure i knew that. no i haven’t but now i shall look it up.

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