Twitgest on 2008-12-05

  • first snow — fuck me. #
  • the amount i ate this weekend, was just not right at all. #
  • Check This Out: “day sixty: ricotta crepes” ( ) #
  • i’m looking for a kickass cupcake recipe. #
  • ok, i found a coconut cupcake recipe i love now for a chocolate recipe. #
  • runaway buck #
  • today was a latte morning. #
  • My Flickr of the Day: “runaway buck” ( ) #
  • can someone recommend to me some good chicklit novels — that’s what i’m in the mood for next. #
  • day sixty one: claddagh #
  • ?_? “Vote: chucks say hi” ( ) #
  • why am i so bad about drinking water? did i die in a previous life by drowning or something? #
  • it was weird discussing marajuana with my parents and my brother at thanksgiving. #
  • ********PAPERCUT********* #
  • i am in too bad of a mood to work the last 20 minutes so…i’m not gunna. #
  • so i figure, i need to figure out how to eat less…very tricky… #
  • i wish i had my very own stewie. #
  • Laughing at: “GIFT WRAP” ( ) #
  • Laughing at: Great pose! ( ) #
  • New magnetic photo rope colors in the @photojojo store! #
  • new rule for people i feature on my site, they must be in the top posters. #
  • Looking forward to: looks like an emotional moment for them next week! ( ) #
  • why or why is holly jolly crapmas in my head? #
  • day sixty two: citrus coconut #
  • <3 the line after Serena asked if sex was meaningful to Dan: “It is, especially when I haven’t had it in awhile.” #
  • sometimes really loves not being a vegetarian. #
  • snail part three #
  • is there a disorder for people who have to constantly change things? #
  • Check This Out: “Manly Man — hard at work” ( ) #
  • “Guilt is often the price we pay willingly for what we are going to do anyway” ~I Holland. #
  • tried to shoot the moon, i think i missed. #
  • just watched the movie Breach, highly recommend! #
  • day sixty three: wake me up before you go go #
  • ****Showerless Wednesday**** #
  • anyone else not shower today? #
  • WTF: “Ouch!” ( ) #
  • i am thinking you like to add the extra staples just to piss me off. #
  • billiards anyone? #
  • who took my pen? #
  • oh here it is, nevermind. #
  • My Flickr of the Day: “brother where art thou?” ( ) #
  • what ist he ettiquette on finding an old wedding check that was never cashed? #
  • **i have extra thank you cards from my wedding, we made them online with pictures, if you want one just email me your address.** #
  • everyone needs to stop having all these babies, it’s confusing me. #
  • did it all for the nookie. #
  • I shot the moon…i think. #
  • seriously? i can’t pet you. i can’t hug you. i have to always keep my distance but you want me to give you my leftover milk?? #
  • Check This Out: “Free Obama stickers” ( ) #
  • i can’t believe my project365 shot today of my cafeteria coffee cup was liked so much. #
  • watching the movie Audition and a little scared…i must admit. #
  • ok my skin just crawled off watching that, the last 15 minutes i had my hands over my eyes. #
  • saw a sign that said ‘slow down trees and a people.’ #
  • Check This Out: “Candy Is Dandy” ( ) #
  • day sixty four: today i am musing #
  • i am a good sister, no matter what he says #
  • i’m starting to think that women only wear heals to mock me. #
  • i do not need sweets [i repeat] i do not need sweets. #
  • today is just not doing it for me, i’m so over it. #
  • I just made this calendar on Zazzle – #
  • through the mountains #
  • day sixty four: senseless contradictions #
  • anyone watch the show brotherhood? #
  • i love how most Japanese films are {not rated} #
  • i need to hit michaels tomorrow i think, better to just get it over with. #
  • is there something wrong with me that i’m like the only person who ditests twilight? i mean, what is it about me that i wasn’t sucked in? #
  • My Flickr of the Day: “day sixty four: senseless contradictions” ( ) #
  • you know you need to shave your legs when they start getting itchy. #
  • how is my dad so clueless and so smart at the same time? #
  • i send my dad an email with a link and he responds wondering how he can see what i was talking about…uhm…the link? #
  • i found another luthier wife like me <3 #
  • Check This Out: “The Old Railroad Tunnel” ( ) #
  • if only i could make a living playing packrat. #
  • it’s a daunting task going through my ireland pictures to try to make a photo book, how do I pick like 20 out of like 600 pictures?? #

  1. Gwen

    December 6, 2008 at 2:25 am

    Chocolate cupcakes, you say? Why didn’t you just ask? (everyone needs a friend who has a recipe for just about everything.)


  2. DutchBitch

    December 6, 2008 at 1:41 pm

    I think I just got a bullet overdose… Whew… 🙁

  3. H.

    December 6, 2008 at 2:27 pm

    Girl. You are the twitter queen.

  4. Robin

    December 6, 2008 at 5:34 pm

    @DutchBitch – i know and i cut it down from what the feed was.
    @Gwen – yum!
    @H. – i know, i have too many thoughts and far too bored at work. i’m always busy but it’s the same shit everyday and i need entertainment.

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