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0 Thoughts on “Breaking Our Deal

  1. I think it’s important to have boundaries and deal breakers in place in any relationship as it sets a precidence of what you will and won’t be able to deal with. I think it creates a layer of respect and well, without that you have nothing. It doesn’t work to bend over backwards or to compromise yourself for a partner because feelings of resentment will come back and bite you in the ass.

    Just my HO.

  2. @Jade – i don’t know if you mean to imply i bent over backwards in the relationship, i had to come a long way with him to get to where we are now but it was completely worth it. it’s astonishing sometimes what we find in the end just isn’t as important as love :erik:

  3. Really? I’ve never dated a guy who wore tighty whities. They’ve all been boxer-men. That’s weird.

  4. @Amanda – it’s your generation, they were raised right i think. my generation, and definitely his, was raised either or.

  5. You have a security blanket? How long have you had it?

  6. @Avitable – it’s a long story, i did a post on it a while back.


  7. I have to hug a pillow when I sleep–it drives the DH nuts!

  8. What if they’re a dog AND a cat person?

  9. i have a blankie too… love it… it’s going to vegas with me.

  10. @leaca – there is always something huh?
    @whall – probably wouldn’t work, unless they were ok with not having a dog as a pet.
    @Tori – i’m glad not to be the only one, my blanket is actually blanket #2 since the first one I had when I was little disintegrated.

  11. I’ll never forget a discussion with my younger sister when I was in my early thirties about how I would NEVER date a divorced man with kids. She looked dead at me and said “you know at your age you are just gonna have to be less picky” LOLOL

    I ended up marrying a divorced man …with kids. That —which would have been a ‘deal breaker’ —had nothing to do with why we eventually divorced.

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