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0 Thoughts on “When I’m Right and You’re Wrong

  1. See, you are like my friend. He’s that way with movies and music and quite frankly, I will never get it right! lol He eye rolls at me too….

  2. No. He won’t. He’s a man. Men are incapable of learning life skills beyond sixth grade. 😀

  3. Well, he tries!

  4. I just have to let you know that I was there during this instance… and it is soo amusing to see the dynamics of his head and how it works… HAHA

    I couldn’t stop laughing… Maybe he has to know you longer in order to admit that he knows nothing of the Film world and to accept that you do… Kind of like I did Years ago… HAHA :bow:

    (although I think that Heather is right… he is a guy he will never admit it… haha) :lmao:

  5. I agree with Heather

    I used to work at Blockbuster and I’d have this conversation with strangers at least five times a day.

  6. @Jade – I’m only that way when someone pushes something that I KNOW is wrong, otherwise I just correct them and let it go.
    @H. – Yes, that is true. He is so smart about so many things and I believe everything he tells me, why can’t he just accept the stuff I know?
    @B – Too hard maybe.
    @gemini – You don’t usually push things like he does, if you are wrong I’ll just correct you but he won’t let it go and is so SURE he’s right :banghead:
    @Amanda – We should start a business, a site people can come to for movie help. Although I’d need people who know answers to like Star Trek and Twilight.

  7. I thought he was the one who knew all of the trivia? :avi:

  8. Men can be extremely intelligent about certain things. My man is. But, they’re men and their intelligence is selective AND, like I said, they’re life skills don’t mature any further than the sixth grade. That is why they need us women!! 😀

  9. I likewise have a head full of obscure movie trivia.

    Hubs, however knows alot about….umm….wait, I’ll think of it….ummm…

    Shit. :dunno:

  10. @Avitable – He’s got Jeopardy trivia or rather a walking talking encyclopedia. I just know the movie trivia or not even that, just completely useless information that never does me any good other than being right with my husband.
    @H. – Damn straight!
    @metalmom – Maybe it’s a chick thing…

  11. The only person who ever can ever beat me at movie trivia is my brother, but we’re pretty evenly matched and yet his girlfriend STILL hasn’t figured this out. Most memorably was when my brother called and asked “Who directed batman?” I asked him to repeat the question because I think my brother is the only person who loves batman more than me and the only person who loves Tim Burton (almost) as much as I do.
    “Tim Burton.”
    He burst out laughing and tells me to tell her. He hands the phone to her and I repeat my answer.
    “Damit!” and I can hear my brother laughing and yelling “I told you so!”
    “Julie,” I said. “For the love of God, don’t ever argue movies with my brother. You’ll never ever win.”
    She still tries tho. It’s almost cute.


  12. @Gwen – I’m starting to think it’s a little game they play, maybe because it annoys the shit out of me.

    Oh and you should know Manly Man ADORES Tim Burton and Edward Gory…obsessed. He saw Sweeney Todd the other day and couldn’t stop talking about it. So cute.

  13. I knew there was a reason I liked him.


  14. @Gwen – Back when we celebrated the holidays I used to get him something Gorey every year, he has quite a collection.

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