At first I was excited that my dad had put all the home movies of me growing up onto cds, that was, until I watched some. While I’m not at a place where I can share these videos I do feel I can share some things I learned about the younger me.

  • I like to break into song at any moment, no matter who was there or how out of tune I was. Usually it was Blaze of Glory by Bon Jovi.
  • Perms are bad, very very bad.
  • Man, I had big ol boobs for that age…that is SO not right.
  • It’s unfortunate that we didn’t have a video camera when I was young and cute, only during my awkward years.
  • My laugh is still exactly the same and really annoying.
  • Why did I sound like a Valley Girl?
  • It’s really strange watching me speak Hebrew so fast.
  • Why do I still remember the colorguard routines from 15 years ago?
  • Who thought a white shiny floor length dress with poofed sleeves was a good idea for a colorguard uniform?


0 Thoughts on “Almost Forgotten Memories

  1. My mom still has all our old home movies, no one really knows why. I don’t think anyone has even glanced at them in over a decade. I’m just hoping she forgets about them until VHS is totally dead and no one will ever be able to see them. (I think my brother had the right idea when he “accidentally” taped over one of his.)


  2. I want to see!

    Embrace that little girl – take her into your heart. Know that her being who she was helped shape you into who you are now. Forgive her and try to understand her.

  3. Blaze of Glory is a lot better than the video of me singing shake your tailfeather (dancing included)

  4. I have a VHS of me singing with other friends a damn Janet Jackson song. So ackward. All the band videos and stuff. Yeah. All mine are of ages that I am too embarassed for myself to even watch.

    You are not alone sista!!!

  5. I am glad that there is nothing in video of me doing anything like that… Because I did do a lot of interesting stuff… They did get my sister doing a school talent show! :lmao:

    We all just sit around and laugh (with her about it) I guess I was just really smart in my younger days and avoided Video cameras as much as possible :nana:


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