Let’s be honest, there’s not a man in this world who couldn’t be replaced by a winning lotto ticket and a Water Pik. ~ Monique Marvez

0 Thoughts on “Let’s Be Honest

  1. LOL

    Amen sistah.

  2. I’m dense. I get the lotto ticket but Water Pik?

  3. This one made me LOL. Love it!

  4. am i missing out on something big and important? What is a water pik? I’ve never heard that term

  5. I’m thinking it’s kind of like a shower head but smaller? I don’t know, I was hoping someone else would get it.

  6. A water pik is like an electric toothbrush with no brush – it just shoots water. but it vibrates as it shoots the water is the point here… :clap:

  7. @Tug – Obviously you know a lot about this :whip:

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