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0 Thoughts on “Connecticut Connection

  1. Who hasn’t dreamed of cheese fame?

  2. Your windows have been done!


  3. I love all sorts of cheese on all sorts of things. But for me, like ketchup, it’s an add-on, not something to be enjoyed singularly.

  4. That looks like it would hurt on the inside of the arm. beautiful photos of the whole thing.

  5. I want one – but I’ve always been too chicken. Will you come here and hold my hand? lol
    And yes that is (was) your picture on my blog the other day – now it’s something Daws did. Since I’ve been going through his artwork, thanks to Snapshot and Oprah, I have lots of new stuff to use up there. 🙂

  6. Im a cheese fan too… And meant to mention this before that I love your tattoo

  7. OMG you got a tattoo while you were in ireland

    i am so happy for you and manly man!!

    and so freaking happy i have actually found time to catch up on all i have missed due to my misfortunates of freaking life the past few months~~

    it’s so good to be able to breathe again :heather:

  8. @Amanda – Uhm. Me.
    @Avitable – I totally forgot I posted that, alright.
    @whall – I’m pretty much the same way.
    @leaca – It did hurt.
    @Cheri – I will hold your hand and I’m flattered you liked my photo enough for your banner.
    @Heather B – Thanks! I trust anyone who is a fan of cheese.
    @crazy charlene – I adore my tat!

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