:erik: So, because of Manly Man’s cheese obsession and my need to take a picture of everything he’ll be featured on the Cabot Blog soon. I’ll let you wait until then to see the post. He’s very excited to finally have the cheese fame he always wanted.

:b: I am probably going to Connecticut this weekend to see a friend of mine I haven’t seen in years. She is coming from New York and is bringing at least one of her 2 children. I am probably bringing Manly Man with me as I am mildly afraid of children, not usually the good ones but the ones that you know…cry and complain and throw temper tantrums. Wait…that is Manly Man.

:confused: What is in Connecticut? I need a Connecticut connection.

:crazy: Avitable gave me the idea to ask again about my Johari and Nohari window but I started new ones since I think some people I don’t know did the old one, which kinda screws it up. Be honest, there is nothing you can say about me that I don’t already know, trust me.

I swear I had other thoughts in my head this week but now I can’t think of them. That’s what I get for not writing them down right away.

Anyway, here are shots from when I got my tattoo @ Color Works Tattoo in Dublin. Enjoy 😀

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0 Thoughts on “Connecticut Connection

  1. Who hasn’t dreamed of cheese fame?

  2. Your windows have been done!


  3. I love all sorts of cheese on all sorts of things. But for me, like ketchup, it’s an add-on, not something to be enjoyed singularly.

  4. That looks like it would hurt on the inside of the arm. beautiful photos of the whole thing.

  5. I want one – but I’ve always been too chicken. Will you come here and hold my hand? lol
    And yes that is (was) your picture on my blog the other day – now it’s something Daws did. Since I’ve been going through his artwork, thanks to Snapshot and Oprah, I have lots of new stuff to use up there. 🙂

  6. Im a cheese fan too… And meant to mention this before that I love your tattoo

  7. OMG you got a tattoo while you were in ireland

    i am so happy for you and manly man!!

    and so freaking happy i have actually found time to catch up on all i have missed due to my misfortunates of freaking life the past few months~~

    it’s so good to be able to breathe again :heather:

  8. @Amanda – Uhm. Me.
    @Avitable – I totally forgot I posted that, alright.
    @whall – I’m pretty much the same way.
    @leaca – It did hurt.
    @Cheri – I will hold your hand and I’m flattered you liked my photo enough for your banner.
    @Heather B – Thanks! I trust anyone who is a fan of cheese.
    @crazy charlene – I adore my tat!

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