If there is anything we learned in Ireland it’s that the speed limit is outrageous and the locals only consider it a suggestion. There are signs everywhere telling people to slow down and how 495 people died last year from speeding on that road, or whatever. Seriously, I thought NYC was scary but that was nothing.

One of the few days we watched an television there was an ad we saw, which seems to me a lot more aggressive than anything you’d see in America. What I don’t understand is, if you want to change things why no lower the speed limit and have more Guarda on the roads. Just a suggestion.

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0 Thoughts on “Irish Road Safety

  1. Jesus!!! :what:

    That is just scary!

  2. That is just a crazy ass and scary commercial

  3. I know, it’s insane…and yes that is how bad it is.

  4. Holy shit. And I thought that political ads were stressful.

    I guess people need to slow down eh?

  5. That is some messed up commercial! I find it interesting how other countries deal (or dont) with things like this…esp when it’s so easy to fix.

  6. @themuttprincess – Just a tad.
    @Cheri – Yeah me too.

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