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  1. Self-love, baby. I’m a band geek, computer geek, technology geek. I got it all. Too bad we’re both married.

  2. @whall – Damn. And the one thing my husband doesn’t have is he was in punk bands and plays the guitar…nothing hot like a trumpet or a tuba.

  3. I played trumpet in 5th grade, which is about the time I became a computer geek. Oh, how I loved me a C64 with a 1541 drive…

  4. I love geeks and nerds too. My bf is a total geek. He is WAY smarter than me. (well, on somethings anyhow)

    I totally get it. I am just thankful not everyone is as smart as we are…. That leaves the best geeks for us!!!

  5. Geeks are truly the highest on the totem pole when it comes to men. :avi:

  6. I always loved the preppy types and married a jock, who now wears a uniform. Now, I love a man in uniform. =)

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