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0 Thoughts on “Graveyard Sex

  1. Sometimes “nakid” hair is the best hair!

  2. That sex scene didn’t do it for me at all! Buried under the ground and having sex in the mud/dirt – gross! Although it was hot to watch – I just wouldn’t do it. lol Funny you never mentioned that show before now – or maybe you did and I missed it. I’m addicted to that show now.

  3. Did you notice cheese and wine on both lists? Keep him away from cheese and wine!!! :duh:

  4. @B – For real.
    @Cheri – I’ve mentioned it a few times but not a lot…I’ll let it slide this time.
    @metalmom – Yeah, you try to keep him away from cheese :twitchy:

  5. Hopefully follows your “order” and goes in! Allergic reactions suck!

    True Blood is one of my fav shows!!!

    I truly love most of your pictures from Ireland! Cut yourself some slack woman!

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