So I never got around to putting together a post yesterday so I decided to rip off Gwen, because her humor is so infectious you need a topical ointment afterwards. These are all comments she made regarding these pictures on Facebook.

So here is my new post idea: Gwenisms!

church.jpg bigfoot.jpg





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  • B

    I love the Unibomber one!

  • Evil Genius

    Thanks for sharing these – I was in need of some giggles this morning!! :clap:

  • gemini

    I like the Irish Big foot one…

    What the Fuck was that guy wearing? :lmao:

  • Misstressm

    Ohhh my where have i been all this time. You home has changed. I love it. :omg:

  • metalmom

    That Gwen gives me the snickers….and I don’t mean candy!! :thumbsup:

  • Gwenhwyfar

    Yay me and my inability to keep my comments to myself! :rock:


  • Robin

    @B – It’s funny I thought he looked like the Unibommer when I took the picture.
    @Evil Genius – Thank Gwen, I just put her sarcastic comments to good use.
    @gemini – He put on a gorilla suit and then played the drums in the street. What? Isn’t that obvious? :eyebrow:
    @Misstressm – :hug:
    @metalmom – Maybe she does both :D
    @Gwenhwyfar – :dance:

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