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5 Thoughts on “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now

  1. He’s right, you should be embarrassed.

  2. No, you shouldn’t be ashamed. You should be proud that you can win a useless trivia movie music contest.

  3. I would have known that one too. And I wouldn’t be embarrassed about it. Sweet Andres…you know he’s on Lipstick Jungle now.

  4. If I remember correctly, it was sung by Starship, and played at the end of the movie, during the wedding scene (which took place in the window display, am I right?)

    I :heart:ed that movie when I was younger. Kim Catrall rocked.

  5. @Nobodyâ?¢ – :paperbag:
    @whall – :winner:
    @Cheri – No, haven’t seen the show but I should check it out.
    @crystal – You are way cooler than me, that’s for sure.

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