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5 Thoughts on “Friday Free For All

  1. Aw. She was probably excited and feeling mature. Haha. She probably thought that would impress him.

    Funny thought. Several years ago I worked in a gas station. People used to come in and scream at me if we raised the gas prices above a dollar! Seriously!

  2. You’re lucky, in St. Louis it’s still $2.88 or so a gallon.

  3. Gwenhwyfar on October 17, 2008 at 12:19 pm said:

    Gas just went down (slowly) from 128.9 to 114.9. Before you start thinking how lucky I am, keep in mind I’m in Canada so that’s liters. Which, for those of you playing at home, means that gas was $4.90 and dropped to $4.37.


  4. The last time I looked we were still at $3.20 around here…

    My Nephew does that too… always asking my sister the hard questions… His most recent question was about Virginity… he is 8. :what:

  5. Kids are getting way too curious, I miss the good ol days when kids didn’t know anything.

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