Hi y’all. This is Bluepaintred, filling in for Robin while she gallivants around Ireland drinking Guinness and pinching little Irish butts.

Originally I was going to do a post (with pictures of penii with little leprechaun hats!!) about how Robin was REALLY spending her honeymoon  in Ireland with Manly Man – ‘cus if you believe that she will manage to drag her ass out of those drafty castle beds to take pictures, you are gravely mistaken! (wink wink nudge nudge…)

All that changed before Robin even left the States. It changed when she challenged me to a cutest pet contest. What Robin doesn’t know is that I am mean enough to hold the contest while she is GONE – I stand a better chance of winning that way, and I like winning even more than I like pictures of hat wearing penii!

So, quickly all, before Robin returns, enter your vote in the comment section for the cutest pet.




  • http://bluepaintred.com/ bluepaintred

    If I am going to cheat, I am going to cheat ALL THE WAY.

    I cast my vote for Sammi – poor Robin, she’s too busy walking through castles to vote for Aurora!

    looks like Sammi is ALREADY in the lead!!
    :bpr: :bpr: :bpr: :bpr: :bpr:

  • http://amandainreallife.blogspot.com Amanda

    Robin I love you, but I’m a dog person. Plus it’s a puppy, not a dog.

  • http://bluepaintred.com/ bluepaintred

    Amanda! woohoo!

    That’s two! :bpr: :bpr: :bpr:

  • http://fantastagirl.com Fantastagirl

    Always vote for the puppy over a cat… my vote is for sammi. and the Mr would vote for sammi. Pan would also vote for sammi and Tink – she’d vote for the cat…silly girl.

    So that’s 3 votes Sammi and One vote cat.

  • Dustin

    I’m only here for bluepaintred, so my vote is for Sammi! :rock:

  • http://www.avitable.com Avitable

    My vote is for Sammi, too. Puppies are so awesome!

  • http://two-fifteen.net/journal H.

    Cat person here. I have to vote for Aurora. :D

  • gemini

    Ok so Robin Knows that I would at any time other then this probably Pick Sammi…(I am more a dog person then a cat person) But…

    Aurora is my Furneice and I have to vote for her.


  • http://bluepaintred.com/ bluepaintred

    Sammi three
    Aurora one


  • http://bluepaintred.com/ bluepaintred

    oops! Missed your vote gemini!

    Sammi three
    Aurora two

    The race is ON!

  • Peggy

    Now, Blue, it’s not fair to put them in the same category. They are obviously in different age brackets! But since you announced at the start that you are running a crooked contest, I’ll play by YOUR rules….
    Sammi -4
    Aurora-2 Sorry, Aurora…
    Oh, and this is for Robin :clover:

  • http://myblogisaboutnothing.com Nobodyâ„¢

    Sammi, all the way! But she’s supposed to eat the food, not sleep in it!

  • http://dontwannahearit.com metalmom

    I don’t care for cats, but since Robin’s not here, I’ll vote for Aurora. :chelle:

  • phinz

    oh yeah it’s Sammi all the way!!!!! (and I LOVE cats)




  • http://bluepaintred.com/ bluepaintred

    four for Sammi, three for aurora – I’M STILL WINNING!

  • http://bluepaintred.com/ bluepaintred

    Dammit! I went in and approved all the NOTspam comments and now I have NO idea who is winning! I need a math whiz or something to come in here and count the votes!

    (also, if you are guest posting – you NEED to come in and approve your comments, I cannot do it for you, only the author of a post can approve comments on that post!)

  • gemini

    I am wondering if BPR would alow a vote for Robin… you know that she would have voted for Aurora….

    I think that you should add a vote for Robin…

    What does everyone else think? :heart:

  • http://www.whyrustalkingme.com usedtobeme

    I vote for Sammi. That’s the cutest thing I’ve seen all day!

  • http://www.roadlessunraveled.com Robin

    Ok, that is so unfair. I say the contest is not closed yet and we need a poll. We need to take this all the way. Btw, you are truly evil and should be living in one of the castles I saw…at the top where you can’t get down…with no internet.

  • http://amandainreallife.blogspot.com Amanda

    Do you maybe have a picture of Aurora when she was a kitten? I really think it’s because of the age discrepancy

  • http://bluepaintred.com/ bluepaintred

    What? mean? ME? no way!

  • http://www.roadlessunraveled.com Robin

    I added a poll.

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  • http://lesombre.ca/ Mike

    I’m mortally allergic to cats.
    I have a huge tendency to exaggerate.

    I vote to evict Aurora.

  • http://www.roadlessunraveled.com Robin

    @Mike – Well that’s not nice, it’s not her fault.

  • http://lesombre.ca/ Mike

    @Robin - I thought BPR made it clear she didn’t want fair. :lmao:

  • http://www.roadlessunraveled.com Robin

    @Mike – She did, bitch is always making it hard on me.

  • http://bluepaintred.com/ bluepaintred

    RObin – you have it ALL wrong, what I said is I always make it hard FOR you! wink wink nudge nudge :lmao:

  • http://www.roadlessunraveled.com Robin

    @bluepaintred – Way to turn a perfectly innocent conversation into dicks…very nice :whack:

  • http://bluepaintred.com/ bluepaintred

    :bpr: :bpr: :bpr: :bpr: :bpr: :bpr: :bpr: :bpr: :bpr: :bpr: :bpr: :bpr: :bpr: :bpr: :bpr: :bpr: :bpr: :bpr: :bpr: :bpr: :bpr: :bpr: :bpr: :bpr: :bpr: :bpr: :bpr: :bpr:

  • http://www.roadlessunraveled.com Robin

    :robin: :robin: :robin: :robin: :robin: :robin: :robin: :robin: :robin: :robin: :robin: :robin: :robin: :robin: :robin: :robin: :robin: :robin: :robin: :robin: :robin: :robin: :robin: :robin: :robin: :robin: :robin: :robin: :robin: :robin: :robin: :robin: :robin: :robin: :robin: :robin: :robin: :robin: :robin: :robin:

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