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0 Thoughts on “Filling In

  1. I truly hope your friend, D. finds himself a husband. Then, he can take his husband shopping for those awesome soft cushion toilet seats! Because nobody likes to shop for those alone. šŸ˜€

  2. H! I will let you know when he does…in the meantime, I suspect he’s driving from Brooklyn, NY to Washington DC for a date (is that too far?).

    And absolutely you can’t go by yourself…I mean, the decision of solids vs. patterns alone can throw a girl, or a boy, in a tizzy.


  3. I like this post, Ro. It is a nice break from all the serious blogging you’ve been doing.

    Bravo! :thumbsup:

  4. Oh man, I gotta get me one of those fancy seat warmers. Crossword Internet throne that also acts as a butt-warmer? I’m sold.

  5. check out mah friendsies commenting on here! you should be proud Robin!

    Now that you’re back, ar ya gonna doo a lil jig fer us?


  6. Kickass post, you rock :rock: Oh and I never really think about soft toilet seats, you have a point.

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