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0 Thoughts on “Years Of Wonder

  1. Kids can be cruel. It’s funny though because in school you’re teased for having boobs and some are teased for being flat! No one can win!

  2. You were probably better off not wearing one of those leotards anyway.

    I was the first to get boobs as well, the kids were not pleasant

  3. um, yeah, that’s what I meant with the DD comment a day or two back.

    “form of!”

  4. I hate wearning bras. I hate being a DD. I wish I was my older C self!! Reduction..that’s what I need. Of course if I’d get off my ass and lose 50 lbs they’d prob go down to at least a D. If I lost 100 I might get my wish! If only. 🙂

  5. Wow. They have lived their own life their own way.

    Way to go WONDER TWINS!!!

  6. I love boobs. They should never be hidden.

  7. @B – Nope, you are screwed just being a tween.
    @Amanda – Yeah, I’m pretty sure of that. It is a fashion statement I’m glad I never made.
    @whall – Ah, I’m slow this week I guess.
    @Cheri – I know obviously if I lost weight they’d go away but they’d probably also deflate.
    @themuttprincess – :rock:
    @Nobodyâ?¢ – I must agree, although I’m not a fan of the fake ones.

  8. are you related to DaGoddess? As my daughter says, “Be proud that you are blessed.” as is she.

  9. I’m all about the boobies!

    I was opposite. Mine took forever to show up and I was teased for being “as flat as the wall”. I wanted a boob job in the worst way. I’m glad I never got one. Fake boobies are nasty. I’m quite proud of my full “B”s. :robin:

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