I’m The Bitchy Co-Worker


So I work as an admin for this department, although my department is actually the admin department. Does that make sense? So if we have an admin party or anything then it’s just me and the other 3 admins and my boss.

The actual department I work in is like 30 people and they are always having these parties for baby showers and bridal showers and birthday parties and going away parties. We are always asked to contribute to a gift but I stopped about a year ago when I realized they have nothing to do with my birthday or anything like that and I’m cool with that…I stay out of your stuff and you stay out of mine.

I want to respond to the emails and be like: if you all actually remember my birthday or I actually get a card then maybe I’ll feel oblidged to contribute but as of now, uhm no.

I know this makes me incredibly unpopular and there are a few people in the department that I actually take the time to get to know and talk with, for them I’ll get them my own card.

I swear, I’m becoming a bigger bitch every year. What am I going to be like at 50?


  1. crystal

    October 2, 2008 at 9:30 pm

    I felt the same way when I first stated at the store that I’m in now. About 2 weeks after I started (and barely could keep the small pharmacy staff straight, let alone the front store people) the mother of one of the front store cashiers died, and I had to sign the card. I was tempted to write something like “I don’t know you, but sorry about your mom”, but decided to be nice about things.

    The worst was the lighter factory I was at. Most of these people had been working there for years (and in a lot of cases, decades) and everyone knew each other. The system they had was that when it came time to pass around the card for birthdays/sympathy/congrats/whatever, the card was put in a big interoffice mail envelope and walked around the building by one person. If you wanted to sign the card, you had to contribute at least $1 to the fund for whatever, and your name was written on the envelope so you couldn’t go back later and sign the card (or get cake – can’t eat cake if you didn’t help pay for it).

  2. Robin

    October 2, 2008 at 9:35 pm

    @crystal – That’s the way to do it, that makes sense. I did not contribute and I did not go to the party, I did not have cake either. I only signed the card because the girl who was throwing the party walked around with the card herself and stood over me while I signed it.

  3. crystal

    October 2, 2008 at 9:58 pm

    I can understand the no-$, no cake rule, but not letting someone sign the card? I can’t wish someone a happy birthday or express sympathy because I didn’t give a dollar? Dumb. :whosnext:

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