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0 Thoughts on “I’m The Bitchy Co-Worker

  1. I felt the same way when I first stated at the store that I’m in now. About 2 weeks after I started (and barely could keep the small pharmacy staff straight, let alone the front store people) the mother of one of the front store cashiers died, and I had to sign the card. I was tempted to write something like “I don’t know you, but sorry about your mom”, but decided to be nice about things.

    The worst was the lighter factory I was at. Most of these people had been working there for years (and in a lot of cases, decades) and everyone knew each other. The system they had was that when it came time to pass around the card for birthdays/sympathy/congrats/whatever, the card was put in a big interoffice mail envelope and walked around the building by one person. If you wanted to sign the card, you had to contribute at least $1 to the fund for whatever, and your name was written on the envelope so you couldn’t go back later and sign the card (or get cake – can’t eat cake if you didn’t help pay for it).

  2. @crystal – That’s the way to do it, that makes sense. I did not contribute and I did not go to the party, I did not have cake either. I only signed the card because the girl who was throwing the party walked around with the card herself and stood over me while I signed it.

  3. I can understand the no-$, no cake rule, but not letting someone sign the card? I can’t wish someone a happy birthday or express sympathy because I didn’t give a dollar? Dumb. :whosnext:

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