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0 Thoughts on “My Bro

  1. No, what you should do is leave one of your toys out with a note that says, “We use this. Don’t snoop unless you want to find much, much worse things than this.”

    He’ll think twice – nobody wants to think about their sister doing that stuff! :avi:

  2. Adam made me laugh and forget my mushy comment.

    Oh well–cool beans on the connecting.

  3. I’m glad to hear you’re getting along. I’m closer to my boyfriend’s brother than I am my own

  4. Glad you got to chat with your brother and thanks for visiting over at my place! Add me on Flickr, so I can see your 365 journey! 🙂

  5. LOL at Adam’s suggestion – I’d go with that! 🙂

  6. It’s terrifying how much I can relate to all of that. You actually just described my family and my relationship with my little brother. And oddly enough, we too have just recently started talking, really talking. It’s kind of nice actually.


  7. @Avitable – What about his friends I’m sure he’ll have over?

    @Turnbaby – He sure knows how to steal the show doesn’t he?

    @Amanda – Yeah same here, I definitely talk to and know better my BIL.

    @soapbox.SUPERSTAR – Stop by again, we have cookies and vodka :cosmo:

    @Cheri – You’d think he’s done it before…

    @Gwen – Ok, you need to stop stealing my life story…I know I’m cool and all but c’mon!

  8. I used to hold my brother down and spit on him. YOu know how you let the spit fall, and then slurp it back up before it actually falls out of your mouth?/ Yuck. Then he GREW up and held ME down. and sold peaks through the keyholes at me to his friends for a quarter. Frankly, they were gypped.

    great post.

  9. LOL @ Vodkamom.

    I can totally relate. I am only three years older than brother but you think it was a lifetime. We are just starting to connect a bit more too.

  10. Hi, found you via Tara. Love your site!

    It’s very sweet that you and your brother connected like that. My sister is 7 years younger as well but we are very close. It’s always been comforting to have another person on this planet who understand the unique insanity of my parents.

  11. My sister’s 8 years younger than me, and we never got along until she was about 15 and was forced to be nice to me if she wanted a ride anywhere. Now she’s a good kid, even if she’s the total opposite of me (skinny, preppy, and popular, vs. um, me). She and I aren’t totally chummy but can be civil towards each other, she usually does stupid shit and tells me first, and she’d kill me for telling anyone but I vividly remember getting a late night phone call from her in a panic asking, “HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN A GUY HAS POPPED YOUR CHERRY!?!?!”

  12. Oh the shame! *sob*


  13. @vodkamom – Thanks and I now think I was pretty good to him, I definitely never spit on him. I did however dress him up as a girl.
    @metalmom – That’s good to hear, I thought it was unusual not to be close, maybe it’s a brother/sister thing.
    @teahouseblossom – It definitely is. I am coming to think that it’s a brother/sister thing, when siblings are the same sex maybe it’s just natural to connect. I hope you stop by again.
    @crystal – Ha! That’s awesome!! I would have loved to have had a sister to talk to about stuff like that growing up, I had to figure all that shit out on my own.
    @Gwen – We’ll find you your own life someday, I promise.

  14. It’s good thatyou have met with your brother and discussed the things you have never discussed before. I don’t have close relations with my brother as well but I hope that some day we will spend more time together.

  15. I do the “my mom” thing too… my sisters think it’s funny. It’s taken 6 months for me to break that habit, and I can’t say it’s completely broken yet!

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