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0 Thoughts on “Tweets Of The Week

  1. I hope you’re joking with #1!

  2. @B – All I know is I told her I might get a tattoo while there and she was like “is it safe??”

  3. Back in the 80’s, when they were much younger & when I was living in Ireland, my sister & friend came to visit. They were worried that they might have problems with the language – thinking that they didn’t speak English over there :blush:

  4. @Maureen – Well I am worried about the accent, I know I have trouble understanding that…in my case it kind of is a foreign language.

  5. The accent gets thicker the further north you go. So, as long as you move gradually from one region to another, going north, I’ll bet you won’t have as much trouble as you think. :clover:

  6. @Maureen – You obviously have NO idea how bad my hearing is, it’s embarrassing :paperbag:

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