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0 Thoughts on “5 Qs: Heather

  1. LOL Heather is too funny! you are totally a MILF and should use it any chance you get!

    As for this weekend… hope you are ok.

  2. The Wonder Twins put me into a trance too. I don’t think you fully understand their power. :heather: :heather:

  3. Oh, there are probably hundreds of men out there who think of H. as a MILF. :avi:

  4. Damn it, I wanna get some questions 😛

    And regarding dorks, I got married wearing panties that said “I :heart: DORKS” across the crotch 🙂

  5. Crystal I want some panties like that!!!

  6. @H. – I got them at Torrid years ago. I think my mother was mortified that I’d worn them to the wedding, but they were very appropriate. 😉

  7. @Gemini – Yeah seriously, I would.
    @H. – I must not.
    @Avitable – She’s like the definition of MILF, maybe because she doesn’t look like a mother.
    @crystal – When I get back, it’s your turn all the way. Oh and I was thinking of getting a shirt that says “talk nerdy to me.”
    @H. – Ok, you all need to stop saying that word or I’m gunna :whack:

  8. @Robin – I’ve got one of those as well 😉

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