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0 Thoughts on “Dear 18 Year Old Self

  1. Yeah, but if you could actually give your 18 year old self advice and help change things, would you? Or would you just allow yourself to make the mistakes and become who you are today?

  2. I’d give myself totally opposite advise regarding “love of my life”. I’d tell myself keep that one, he’s the best you’ll ever find…you may be young but if you don’t you’ll end up almost 40, alone with only memories of the one that got away and too many crappy relationships to count. How depressing huh?!

  3. Good advice!

    I would do that but at 18 I already was married and had a 2 year old.. Not that I would change any of it, but I certainly would give myself a heads up..


  4. H – Yeah probably, except I’d tell myself to watch out for the frat boys and not take them too seriously. Oh and to be careful of the red punch.

    Cheri – Haha. I used to think my soulmate was a guy from high school but now I know better.

    TMP – Maybe a heads up on the labor or something, remind yourself to take the drugs this time :what:

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