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0 Thoughts on “Conspirananny

  1. I believe most shows like this are fake or don’t show everything. I mean, in most cases it’s an hour long, obviously they don’t have time to show EVERYTHING but I wonder how many of the “families” are real? Hmmm

  2. There’s probably a fake aspect to all reality shows. However, my theory on why the blank walls – copyright and model releases. Who wants to try to get permission to display every single picture in the house when the producers can just say “take it all down and to hell with it”?

  3. I don’t watch.

    You are probably on to something though. There is no way all those things could be going on and it be real.

    It is all for the shock power!!!

  4. I’ve never watched the show, but I don’t think I’d like it. From what I’ve heard about it, it’s all about controlling kids & punishing them into behaving. That’s just not parenting in my book. Parents get to know their kids & teach them as individuals – it’s a symbiotic, mutually respectful, exciting, wonderful experience – not just something to get through without the kids killing themselves or embarrassing you.

    And, if it is all stay at home moms in mcmansions with uninvolved dads, then it doesn’t sound like it gives much advice that real people can use, anyway.

  5. I’ve thought about the same thing with some of these shows, although I don’t watch SuperNanany…

  6. B – True.

    Crystal – You have a point.

    TMP – I’m not even a fan of reality shows, I don’t really watch many. This one I think caught my curiosity since I have strong feelings on parenting, etc.

    Maureen – I would be curious what you thought of her tactics.

    HeatherB – We may never know.

  7. I flip to it every once it awhile and every time I thank god I don’t have a child like the ones on that show. But then I also have to remind myself my child is not like that because of my parenting. Many of those parents are just so hard to believe – are they really that dense?? Like last week the boys were hitting Super Nanny. OMG I can’t imagine watching my child hit another person. Where the hell do they think they learned that from???
    Your egg comment made me LMAO!!
    Do you want children?

  8. Cheri – So true – they have to learn it somewhere.

    As of now I don’t but I’m semi on the fence – just keeping my options open. For the time being I’m childfree.

  9. Krayzee Chickadee on August 26, 2008 at 5:11 pm said:

    I watch these shows when I think my kids are bad….. then I am thankful. Do people really have children that are so bratty??!! :duh:

  10. I’m still trying to figure out why you watch that show at all!

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