Dear Mom,

I know I’ve admitted a couple of these already but I would like to apologize for the following:

  1. You know the window I broke while you all were in Disney World and I was watching the house just after I got back from my freshman year of college? Well it wasn’t a broom that broke it when I was cleaning. It was my friend’s head when she drank too much of the punch :banghead:
  2. I’m not sure if all the freedom I had as a teenager was because you trusted me, didn’t want to keep track of what I was doing or if you just simply didn’t want to know. I really didn’t get into much bad stuff, you are lucky. Although those nights I had my boyfriend in my room alone, we weren’t playing Scrabble :blush:
  3. You know the time that I kinda saved my little brother from drowning because he’d oddly jumped into the pool without his water wings on. Uhm, I told him to do it :paperbag:
  4. You know that awful accident I had when I was 17? Well, it was kinda my fault :what:
  5. You know how after you came back from Disney I told you the dog had relieved herself in my closet and I made you clean it up. Well, I think we both know it wasn’t the dog since she’d been in the kennel all week but I honestly still don’t know who did it but it’s probably one of the people that were drinking heavily at the house a couple nights before.


0 Thoughts on “Dear Mom

  1. There are things I still can’t admit to my mother. :blush: But I have a really funny story to tell. Hmmm. Future blog post.

  2. I’m not sure I could ever do this lol, more power to you ;)

  3. woah… what brought this on? atonement?

  4. H - Oooh, can’t wait.

    HeatherB - Well I still hope she doesn’t read it and she probably would hope so too.

    Tori - I saw a similar post elsewhere and got the idea. I may have to do more of these.

  5. Ok spill what did you do at 17?? lol

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