I Meant To Ask

If you saw the finale of My Boys (yeah it was like 2 weeks ago) what did you think? Are you for PJ and Bobby together? I’m not sure I am, I think I might be but I haven’t seen them together romantically enough yet. […]

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Gardening By Robin

Originally uploaded by Robin ? Accidental Beauty This is the extent of my gardening. Most times I try to plant something I do it wrong or it dies or it’s in a place that just ends up getting run over by a lawn mower. After […]

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5 Qs: Ed

We are back with another round of 5 Questions and today Ed is on the chopping block. Can he handle it? We’ll have to see. 1. Do you have “Canadian Mail Order Husband” listed on your resume? No, but I probably should. I might have […]

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