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0 Thoughts on “Top 5 Childhood Television Shows

  1. I used to love Saved by the Bell. It was pretty awful though, you’re right

  2. I watched 3, 4 & 5! Every now and then I’ll annoy my parents by asking if they remember this show or that cartoon from when I was a kid. They tell I’m too young to reminise! or however you spell it…

  3. Yea I too used to watch them all except Beverly Hills Teens. When ever I see “Slater” on any show nowadays I wanna vomit, I hate him regardless of the fact that he is from SD

  4. Amanda – Amazing the bad taste we have when we are young.

    B – You probably are, I think I just reached the age where it’s acceptable.

    Heather – I hate him too, always have…even on that show. I thought he was creepy :yuck:

  5. I watched Saved by the Bell, no idea why I liked it so much. Also, Wonder Years ROCKS! So does Fraggle Rock, I made my son watch it, so I had an excuse to relive it.

    HA HA HA

  6. I didn’t really have any childhood shows like that. My parents were pretty anti-TV.

  7. Hehe. You can tell we’re the same age! I watched 1, 3, and 4. I also grew up watching General Hospital. I watched Roseanne and Blossom (STFU!).

  8. Oh god, I was beginning to think I’d imagined Beverly Hills Teens because no one else had ever heard of it 😛

  9. Gwenhwyfar on August 15, 2008 at 1:14 pm said:

    Fraggle Rock is still one of my favourite shows. In fact, my new bike is named Wembley.

  10. heheh fraggle rock is awesome, it was on the cbc when i was growing up 🙂

  11. Well you did have good taste. =;) I of course watched all of these except BHT, which to be honest I never heard of. That alone is shocking considering how much TV I watched when I was younger.

    YCDTOT was a classic that defined the tone of Nik at the time. It was actually a Canadian show too, and had a young Alanis Morissette as one of the cast members.

    I never knew Fraggle was on HBO. I used to watch it back-to-back with the Muppets on TNT.

    No one ever mentions Swans Crossing in regards to SMG. It’s a forgotten part of her past. But I watched it. And I even remember finding SC figurines in the Sears Wish Book around that time. They’re even selling them now on ebay.

    And ITA on Kevin and Winnie. They were one of my first ships besides Wanda and Doogie.

  12. TMP – If I had a child, Fraggle Rock would be one of the shows I’d encourage.

    Avi – I see how well that worked out.

    H – Oh yeah, I loved Roseanne and Blossom, I still kinda do. Although now I think Blossom may be too cutesy for me.

    Crystal – Me too! Nobody had ever heard of it!

    Gwen – You are so cool it’s kinda scary :what:

    Ed – I am glad you Canadians weren’t totally left out of the loop.

    Delise – I think she’s trying to forget it and probably leaves it off her resume. I probably would.

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