I am thinking it’s not fair I can’t drink Coke and that I hate all diet soda.

I am thinking it’s also not fair that I have a serious problem when it comes to cereal and because of that we can’t keep it in the house. I’ve decided it’s my mother’s fault, I’m not sure how yet but it must be her fault as all my issues as an adult are my parent’s fault.

I am thinking I am just as special as those of you with your iThings, so there :tongue:

I am thinking someone needs to put togeher a New England or Northeast event. Having events in Florida and Texas doesn’t do me any good. Although I might be able to get to Canada but only in the one warm month.

I am thinking some programs have made my life a lot easier or helped me at least do my online stuff so much easier. I love the Autofill Forms addon for Firefox, when I lose the filled in comment section on blogs I can just use this. I also am loving Socialthing even though Plurk hasn’t really been included and has made updating statuses so much easier via gtalk and Evie. I mean, these are the important things in life right?

I am thinking I have a new unhealthy obsession with this one (and only one) DD store’s croissants. They are only plain crossants but they are so unbelievably good. I swear, today was the last day.

0 Thoughts on “I Am Thinking

  1. iThings are overrated. Our LG things rock! :rock:

  2. I love regular coke, but suck it up and enjoy my diet coke, as long as it is very cold. No warm pop for me!!!

  3. I don’t drink as much soda as I used to, but I am addicted to black iced tea. My wallet doesn’t appreciate that much either. As for a meeting, I suggest NYC! NYC!!!

  4. You’re not quite as special until you get an iThing. Almost.

  5. 1. No coke? Oh nose! But I’ll trade you, I can’t have coffee.
    2. Yes, everything is you parent’s fault. Just like everything is my parent’s fault.
    3. It’s not possible to be as special as people with iThings. Sorry, it’s a fact.
    4. Yes, you should come to Canada for a meet-up or at least have it in a state I can actually get to without much difficulty. Like North Dakota.
    5. I’m fairly sure that this one is gibberish.
    6. If you run away to Canada with me I’ll be sure that you’re never without pastries or bagels ever again.


  6. H – Down with the LG gang :whosnext:

    TMP – All my cold drinks must be VERY cold, on ice is preferred.

    Tara – I’m going to give up Starbucks very soon, my wallet tells me I must.

    Avi – Dang.

    Gwen – You sure know how to woo a girl doncha?

  7. Tru dat! 😎

  8. STOP thinking – it only gets you in more trouble LMAO!! :yuck:

  9. i have an ithing.

    yes!! have a northeast thing!!! have one!!!

  10. You know it! Now gimme some sugar, baby.


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