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0 Thoughts on “Giving Up More Secrets

  1. See – you’re 30 and you are already slowly losing your mind!

  2. Prodigy. We had that. Very old skool. I also had a bag phone. Remember bag phones? About the size of the black box on planes, with a phone attached. Ah, the technology of the late 20th century!

  3. Yikes, it’s amazing you’re still with us! Shit like that scares the crap outta me – thank god I don’t have a girl but boys are still at risk. Freak’n perverts!!
    I had one of those phones too – thought I was so cool. Doh :duh:

  4. :lmao: We had compuserv at one point! Years and years ago! LOL

    You know, thank God your friends refused to let him take you home. I am always appalled when I read these stories about girls who’s friends let the strange guy take them home because they wanted to keep partying. Said friends usually end up saying – “but she was hanging all over him! It didn’t occur to us that she couldn’t stand on her own!”

  5. Avi – I know, I’m right behind you.

    Tara – Oh ok, I knew it was something like that.

    Cheri – I know, I’m terrified to ever have a girl but I haven’t a clue what I’d do with a boy.

    Amyd – I know, that whole thing could have gone completely differently. It’s so scary I don’t remember any of it, at all. I just remember waking up and feeling really confused.

  6. God you make me feel old. I don’t think that cell phones were even around for me until I was like, 26.

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