New Age Jargon

I love new age jargon. You don’t have to admit to being single. You can just say, “I’m learning to be there for myself on a daily basis. ~ Vanessa Hollingshead

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RIP: Orange Creme

I’ve been meaning to pay my respects for a while now. The Orange Creme frozen drink from Starbucks is gone for good and it will be missed. A moment of silence please. Fattening frozen drinks loaded with sugar will never be the same 😥

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Confucius Dipped In Buttah

Him: Want to have lobster tonight? Me: Mmmmm… Him: What I hear, I forget. What I see, I remember. What I do, I understand. Me: Ok :eyebrow: Him: Confucius said that, but then he never had lobster 🙂

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