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0 Thoughts on “Mother Sympathy

  1. A crime is a crime. I don’t care if you’re man, woman, black, white or an alien from mars, if you committ a crime you should be arrested and what not. What if this woman had hurt someone? What if she hit a child?

    Could it be traumatizing for a child to see a parent arrested? Of course but the parent should’ve thought about that BEFORE they committed a crime.

    and you’re 100% right, if it was a father who had done this, his ass would be in jail.

  2. Being a mother, I can’t say that I’ve been treated any differently than if I didn’t have a child. Of course, I’ve never hit a parked car….

    The only time I can say I got “special treatment” is when I begged the ladies in the washroom line up to let SweetiePie go first to avoid an accident.

    I guess I haven’t heard that many news stories where a mother was let off of something solely because she was a mother. This cop in your story is an idiot and should be sitting behind a desk if he can’t handle a few tears from a woman!

  3. B – Exactly, no matter who the person is if you do something like that you should suffer the same as any other person for your crime.

    Jen – I know you being a mother you are from one end of it but I can tell you from the end of watching fathers never getting the same treatment as mothers I know it’s something very common. Maybe it has to do often with the state or circumstances but I’ve seen it a lot. If I had to pick one thing to fight for my entire life it would be “fathers rights.”

  4. I believe that it stems in a large part from the idea that children need their mother (preferably their biological mother) in order to survive & thrive. Doesn’t matter how that mother behaves in the world or with her children, they would be lost without her.

    And, that a father, on the other hand, is disposable & replaceable for a child – kind of like a fashion accessory – nice to have, but not necessary and, sometimes, even a hindrance to a child’s well-being.

    I believe that you know how I feel about that particular societal stereotype :tongue:

  5. Isn’t hit and run legal if you get a certain number of points?

  6. Maureen – I know just how you feel about this, it’s a subject people don’t talk about enough.

    Avi – I think you are thinking of Grand Theft Auto.

  7. You mean real life is different? Damn. :avi:

  8. I want to be able to rent children for these specific types of things.

    Totally unfair for those of us who chose not to breed and blow the population curve. Totally unfair.

  9. WOW I have never heard of anything like that, that is crazy. A crime is a crime regardless of who you are..

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