Ok, so I want to get a new domain for something else. The domain I want is not available right now under .com but .net is available. This is really the only domain I want, what would you suggest I do?

I’ve sat on this for too long and I want to get this together this weekend if possible.

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  1. Get the .net

  2. Yeah. Go with the .net one. Mine is a .net domain. I’ve had other .net ones too.

  3. get the .net and set up an alert for the .com if it ever comes available you can decided then if you want it.

  4. How do you setup an alert?

  5. Get the .net and go check out Bluehost.com. They’re my host and I love them…very helpful and professional. :rock:

  6. Go for it. I don’t think people think much about domain extensions anymore. I mean, I’ve always had .orgs!

  7. Get the .net


  8. Go for the .net – every domain I’ve ever done was a .net because after the first domain I registered didn’t have a .com available, I decided I liked the .net better anyway.

  9. Mine is .net because the one I wanted was taken. I just went with .net.

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