Can I just say I think The Wonder Twins were a little over-kill in the wedding, not that I had a choice they do whatever they want to do.  Is it just me or do I look like I’m nursing?

0 Thoughts on “Boobage

  1. You could call this post

    Robin’s Greatest Hits

    Just don’t say it too fast.

  2. :lmao: Good one.

  3. They look just as lovely as you do in that dress.

  4. They can never be overkill :)

    Loved the photos you look very beauiful :)

  5. You look great! And well, once the wonder twins, always the wonder twins… in any situation… right? :winner:

  6. I think you look absolutely beautiful.

    If I were gay, I would do you.

  7. H – So kind.

    Heather – That’s good to know.

    Dutchy – You may be right.

    Abs – There is no higher compliment.

  8. You look great, as do the Wonder Twins! :thumbsup:

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