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0 Thoughts on “I Went Boom

  1. Oh man, that looks painful as hell.

  2. Yowch! Hope it feels better by Sunday!

  3. well. I guess its a good thing you did it at the rehearsal and not the actual wedding?

    but man, that looks painful!

  4. i’m beginning to wonder about your luck!!!!!!!

  5. OUCH! I hope it feels better by Sunday!

  6. Holy shit woman! Ouch! :what:

    Other than that, I hope the weekend is going great for you! :heart: ya!

  7. I’m telling you, the WORST luck. The party was absolutely amazing though. Other than that it couldn’t have gone better.

  8. Bactine will help heal it up and take the pain away.

    Good luck this weekend and I will be seeing you tomorrow. :thumbsup:

  9. Thinking of you, today!

    Hope it was beautiful! :heart:

  10. Oh dear.

    Hope that is the worst thing that happened!

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