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0 Thoughts on “RMV

  1. In Arizona they were called MVD…I always thought “mmmm…VD…fitting”.

  2. :lmao: That fits much better.

  3. Here it’s DMV. I’ve only been recently with my wife to renew her license – my license renewal was online, so I got until 2012 – last time I took a picture for it was 2000… not bad!

  4. we call it SGI here, and I have NEVER had a bad experience there. Hell, they let me bribe my driving instructor with cookies so I could finally after four tires pass the damn test so I could get my license!

    (also, they let you take a billion pictures until you find one you like)

  5. In Ontario it’s the Driver’s and Licence registration office. There is no check in lady. You just stand in line and wait.

    and wait.

    and wait.

    and get a very flattering picture there too!

  6. Whall – I think it used to be DMV but we have to be special…special as in short bus.

    BPR – You Canadians are always trying to lure me over there aren’t ya?

    Jen – I’m not moving to Canada! You hear me?? At least not until global warming gets to you and it feels like Florida.

  7. Gemini on June 18, 2008 at 8:29 am said:

    Not sure if Erik told you but last night he almost gave it away to his mom… that you changed your name on your license….

    I saved him though.. haha…

    I will tell you all about it tonight at Book club~!

  8. Oh shit, is that tonight? Argh!

    Yeah he told me, luckily MIL doesn’t catch on very easily :dutchy:

  9. We call it the DMV here in MN, and really it isn’t as painful. It is pretty easy, because they have smaller branches that the people are actually helpful.

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