Some of you know I was outted on another blog, luckily in the end it doesn’t really matter because in the blogging world it hasn’t been something I’ve tried to hide that much. Granted I don’t openly talk about it on RLU because you never really know who reads it.

I don’t know the person that did this and I really don’t know the reasoning behind it. I do know that they don’t know the truth, not by a long shot and only made themselves look like an idiot. My real friends online know the truth and that’s all that really matters.

0 Thoughts on “Being Outted

  1. Honestly, when you said outted, I was like wow robin’s waiting really close to her wedding to announce she’s gay.

    I’m guessing this is a different kind of outted?

  2. Yeah, no that outting will happen during the wedding ceremony of course.

  3. lmao@gay outing!
    too funny!

    pee ess: gotta love people who bitch at you and do not leave an email or link so you can reply, huh>

  4. Robin you are hilarious! I can just see it now – is there any reason why these two should not be joined in holy matrimony?

    Some unknown blogger who snuck into your wedding then stands up and says “ya, because she’s gay!”


  5. BPR – People are tools.

    Jen – Yeah, I’d say that’s about it. I doubt many people would be shocked.

  6. Bummer dude.

    You seem to be handling it well!!!

  7. No family members read it so I’m not worried. It was just really rude I thought.

  8. I know what you’re talking about and it kinda pissed me off when I saw it. Kudos to you for handling it so well!

  9. Yeah, what a stupid cunt. I wonder if it was someone from the old forums.

  10. I am so sorry about this. And I am glad Adam was here to be nasty before me;-) I hope you have the day you want to celebrate your life and love sugar.

  11. B – Well, in the end it wasn’t really an insult you know…ooooh…you called me out on being married :secret:

    Avi – I wouldn’t know, obviously someone with their own problems.

    Turnbaby – Just pray for good weather :clap:

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