:confused: I spent way too much money on lipstick and lipliner at Macys yesterday, I’m still a little shocked. That’s what happens when you are used to buying makeup at CVS.

😀 I ordered new glasses because my prescription changed. I think with new glasses comes a new personality. I think with these I will kind of nerdy but a little dark.

New Glasses New Sunglasses

Oh did I mention I got prescription sunglasses too? I kind of need to see when I’m driving,

:annoyed: Why is it people won’t return your emails but once they have bad news or want to let you down they don’t hesitate to email you?

:erik: He’s a smartass, he put a sticky on my bumper. I’m an idiot who knew it was there and forgot to take it off :duh:


Now to go clean the refrigetator.

0 Thoughts on “New Prescription Personality

  1. LOL did people honk at you? too funny!

    I think the new glasses are cute, but you need to smile more!

  2. Those are cute… did you know I work there? Are those Anne Klein?

  3. That sticky note is hilarious! Love the glasses and the shades!

  4. BPR – I don’t think so, if so I didn’t notice it as anything other than any other normal day.

    Amanda – I didn’t know and I don’t know. I think because I was trying to take the pictures on the sly it’s why I didn’t smile, normally I would have.

    Jen – Thanks!

  5. Cute glasses. I think they give the intelligent, artistic, cute & quirky girl look.

  6. Well that would be me!

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