If you’ve followed my hell regarding House of Brides you know that I’ve been trying to track down bridesmaid dresses through them. Finally I got an email today they are shipping the last dress today, which means she should get it in a couple days ((cross your fingers)).

Mind you, it took them 6 MONTHS to get the dress to her! That’s longer than it took for me to get MY dress!

0 Thoughts on “Dress Shipped!

  1. YAY! Tick that off your list of a BAZILLION things left to do! :chelle:

  2. I’ve heard nothing but bad things about HOB! My friend was going to use them but when she heard the stories and was given a hard time she went with another a store!

  3. Metalmom – Well I will once I know she has it, then it’s up to her.

    B – That’s good! I wish I’d researched this place first, I usually do but this one time I think I was so desperate to make it all work I didn’t think it through.

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