Accidental Voicemail

I just got a voicemail on our main phone, which I assume was by accident. It’s of a kid crying and arguing with his mom about something. She tells him to go to bed and then the father tells the song not to talk to […]

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Dr. Seuss Vows

This is being kept fairly top secret, so know how lucky you all are. These are our wedding vows: Officiant: Will you take her as your wife? Will you love her all your life? Will you take him by the hand? And make a husband […]

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Ghetto Backyard

The opportunity to show you all how disgusting our backyard is not possible anymore since Erik had a junk guy come and take 90% of it away. There were bags of beer cans, lots of metal, a treadmill and much much more. So now, there […]

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