It’s Approved, I Am A Bitch

I just had to tell one of my BM’s her adorable son is welcome at my wedding, I just wanted to go over some details regarding it because I don’t want him to steal my thunder. Feel free to bitch slap me now…

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More Boudoir Ideas

So the skirt and the corset didn’t fit, I’m returning them and will try to get a replacement in time. I’ve also got other ideas for the shoot since I’m supposed to have like 3 different looks. Here they are: Men’s Dress Shirt: Erik loves […]

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Hottest Presidents

While watching that show on E! about hot celebs of the nineties… Erik: They should do a list of the hottest presidents. Robin: That would be a short list. Erik: Yeah… Robin: Who would be on the list? In Unison: Lincoln! :eyebrow: ————— ATTENTION I’m […]

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