Why Denial Doesn’t Work

I’ve been in denial about exactly what size I really am for a while now.  I think Old Navy helps that denial because I don’t think their sizes are right so I can believe I’m a smaller size.  I ordered the stuff for the boudoir shoot and I got the skirt today only to find it out doesn’t even come CLOSE to fitting.  It’s a size 44.  I measured myself and ooops, I’m more of a size 48 around my hips.  Argh.  I think I might just return this, I should do this type of shopping online, it’s too bad because you have so many more options this way 🙁

  1. Amanda

    May 10, 2008 at 6:28 pm

    I’m sorry, that stinks. I’m always leary about shopping online for anything like that. It’s hard with girl sizes because I can wear 4 different sizes depending on where the pants come from. It would help if they had some standards like guy clothes do

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