Conversation via text:

Robin: Taco lovin? (ie. pick me up those bean tacos tonight please)
Erik: You betcha!
Robin: You are the best fubby!
Erik: Backatcha!
Robin: No, I would be a wiance or a fife.
Erik: Well I’m James Blunt iatch!
Robin: Mmmkkk :confused:

0 Thoughts on “Texting Confusion

  1. I laughed. I don’t know why. Because I am confused. But I did.

    Mr. Fabulouss last blog post..Let me be your guide to Romania!

  2. Fab – Yeah, same here. That happens a lot when you live with him.

  3. I didn’t get it either, but it was funny!!!! (and I don’t know why)

    themuttprincesss last blog post..Ridiculously cool

  4. I said “I’m Rick James bitch!” in my head… but then looked and that isn’t even correct… but it did make me smile and I thank you for that… I want a Fubby!!!!

    Toris last blog post..(not so) Pretty Yummies…

  5. Once you guys are married, you can call him a “mife”.

    The Absurdists last blog post..Sorry I haven’t been around

  6. I dont think anything you guys do makes since lol

    Heather Bs last blog post..I Make this look GOOD!

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