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0 Thoughts on “Bumper Sticker I Saw

  1. And? It’s True. So very very very true

    bluepaintreds last blog post..This makes me LOL

  2. Yeah I can imagine. I just thought it was so funny to see the other day given some of my friends maybe could have used to see this recently :lmao:

  3. when Hubs’ parents wanted to know how on earth we got pregnant (with our first) we told them that we had used a safeway bag (safeway is a grocery store here) becuase it was the safest way!

    They did not laugh

    bluepaintreds last blog post..This makes me LOL

  4. :lmao: If it helps I just laughed.

  5. That is so true and so funny!!!!!!!!

    themuttprincesss last blog post..New list of ways to piss your co-workers (or anyone really) off!

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