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0 Thoughts on “Caboodle Me This

  1. I have no opinion on any of those. I just want someone to bring back pet rocks! :avi:

    Avitables last blog post..Foot fetish

  2. Ahhh! Jelly’s are back – Annie wanted me to buy her some at Target last night! (They were only $8, I almost did… )

    I loved watching You Can’t Do That on Television, too. Nick doesn’t have any good ‘variety/sketch shows’ right now, but I do love me some Sponge Bob & the Naked Brothers Band!

    Maureens last blog post..Things that are living in my house right now, that I have to take care of every day

  3. I don’t like jellies. They hurt your feet, especially when rocks got stuck in them!

    I love leggings, instead of wearing nylons, they are like comfy pants. The only thing is my legs are too big for me to pull them off right now. Maybe after I lose 15-20 more lbs…. Maybe.

    themuttprincesss last blog post..I’ve got your ramblings, ramblings right here?.

  4. No, no, no, you are NOT at that age yet. No “good old days” talk is allowed until you are in your forties.

    Mr. Fabulouss last blog post..Today, we class the place up a little bit!

  5. Avi – You should make your own pet rock, go DIY.

    Maureen – Don’t do that to her feet, she’ll blame on you when she has blisters.

    Mutt – I think leggings can look cute depending on how you do it, but most of the time I think it looks trashy.

    Fab – Oh c’mon, but my fubby is nearly 40. Does that count?

  6. Bananarama is one of my guilty pleasures.

    Turnbabys last blog post..If You Must You Must

  7. Yeah, I am with you on ALL this. I liked caboodles too. I wonder what happened to them, since they were really popular.

    They are starting to dress like madonna again. And do you remember how much jellies hurt? God they were uncomfortable.

    I am still waiting for the half-shirt to come back. Remember those, when we wore those with short skirts? ugh!

  8. NKOTB- for sure! Please make them go away for good!! lol

    Cheris last blog post..Job hunting

  9. I went to the flea market yesterday and I saw TONS of leggings! They were flooding the place! I heard overalls were making a comeback as well. I went to Nordstrom and they were selling it. Haha! Speaking of “Kaboodle”, have you been to the Kaboodle shopping site? It’s coolbeans, man. I’m pretty sure you can find tons of jellies there… ;p

    brens last blog post..nerbx writes "simple and stylish."

  10. Turnbaby – How can you not like em?

    Chelle – Oh the horror, not the 1/2 shirt. I’ll gouge my eyes out I swear!

    Cheri – If only…

    Bren – I actually found that while “researching” this post.

  11. All I remember about jelly shoes is how I would wear them to school as a kid and come home and take them off with my feet being disgustingly dirty in the pattern of the shoes lol

    Heather Bs last blog post..My New Car

  12. Gemini on April 22, 2008 at 3:11 pm said:

    I hated Jellies!

    loved Leggins and I am soo getting a pair soon…

    Loved NKTOB but they should not come back they had their time… erf balding guys calling themselves the NEW KIDS on the Block seems a little Creapy to me.

    The only reason that I would by a Banana clip now is to see my hair again like it was back then before I was aloud to cut it for the first time..

    I never watched You cant do that on Television… (does that make me too old?) Did I miss out on something while I was drooling over Bret Michaels and John Bon Jovi?

    Caboodle… awwww… I remember these with fondness… 🙂

    I love 80’s Pop music in general… you should see my iPod… haha

  13. I think leggings look cute if they’re under a dress, if they’re with a slightly long shirt they look trashy. I nkotb at the time, but I don’t really need to see them anymore, and I don’t really listen to pop anymore.

    I’m hoping stirrup pants, slouchy socks, and high top L.A. gear come back. That was totally rad.

    Amandas last blog post..I Don’t Want To Fake It

  14. 80’s… As a child, my mom used to dress me up in all this crap…
    HATED leggings as a child, but I LOVE them now…
    Black leggings under a bright colored dress make your legs look super-skinny!
    And you’ll only have to shave half of your legs… what girl doesn’t like that?!

    Coffee in Kitss last blog post..How romantic

  15. Heather – I remember that well.

    Gemini – Why am I not surprised…

    Amanda – Weren’t you born in the 80’s? I think leggings can look good. It’s just, I saw a chick at work the other day with like a white short skirt on, black leggings and these insanely high heals…it just looked trashy.

    Coffee – I have really tiny calves and ankles so I would look funny in them…as I do in capris.

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