My new idea, I’m going to post a bunch of my responses on blogs for that week every Saturday. They might be witty and they might be lame but they are all mine. If you aren’t mentioned on here I’m sure you will be eventually. I do my best to visit all the blogs I can, especially the ones that visit me regularly. I’m a whore like that :robin:

To The Absurdist: My gaydar is so off that I thought a few of the guys I dated were gay but are now married with kids. I don’t know if that means I prefer to date a gay man…

To Avitable: No, I am more than my boobs you know…

To Dutch Bitch: Because the world is a cruel and confusing place.

To Swizzle Stick: I find big fat lesbian hypocrites to be super fucking cool!

To Dana: That’s a strange kind of foreplay, do you include gravy with that?


Now I must go try to take advantage of a day stuck inside because of the snow and play with my new phone 😀

0 Thoughts on “I Have A Way With Comments

  1. I adore whores! I am asking for 11 of them for Christmas.

    Swizzle Stick’s last blog post..American Gladiators

  2. You crack me up. You’re so witty. I feel like a voyeur reading these, but it’s fun to try to figure out the context.

    Caryn’s last blog post..Clearly I’m Procrastinating

  3. Okay, just how long before I’m no longer a virgin poster, anyway? I’m tempted to just keep posting on here until it happens. I feel so naive, so exposed…Is it fifty posts? A hundred? Because clearly it’s more than 45.

    Bad idea. Think I’ll grab some dinner and watch a movie instead. You’d probably prefer that, wouldn’t you? Thought so.

    Caryn’s last blog post..Clearly I’m Procrastinating

  4. Teehee! One sided communication is funny!

    I see I’m no longer on the boob-tube! :rock:

    Jen’s last blog post..Oooops!

  5. Swizzle – I know you do 😉

    Caryn – Now that’s a compliment, you just need to get to 51 I believe.

    Jen – Yeah I finally uploaded my video from when I had my wisdom teeth out.

  6. I like the idea! Great!

    The Absurdist’s last blog post..I don’t know who to vote for. I need your help.

  7. All I can think of is boobs boobs boobs now. :avi:

    Avitable’s last blog post..Lazy Sunday XXXIX

  8. Chelle – Thanks.

    Avi – I assume that is the norm when visiting my blog.

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