Pilot To The Vet

He doesn’t love me anymore, my heart is broken.

For months now everyday he’d come and sit on my lap and snuggle me. He’d rub his head against me and purr. He’d drool and he’d fall asleep. I’m speaking of Pilot of course, not Erik :fu:

Last Saturday I had to take him to the vet because he’s been throwing up a lot. He wasn’t thrilled with the car ride but he handled it much better than Aurora does. He didn’t much like the people prodding him but other than a little fussing he was pretty strong.

That was until they started cutting his nails and mind you we have not cut either of their nails for years because we just gave up on trying to do it. To cut his nails one woman had to hold him down while the other took out the clippers. He went nuts, he was screaming and crying. I swear I could hear him say “mommy! help me!” but I just closed my eyes and covered my ears.

It was done pretty quickly but he wouldn’t look at me. We drove home and I tried to give him love but he ran off. Ever since that day, he has not cuddled me or even come anywhere near me.


Update: Tonight he cuddled me, the storm has passed 😀

Oh what the hell, a couple more cutsie pictures of my Pilot.


Oh and a BIG Happy Birthday to the Bitch!  You rock my world!!

0 Thoughts on “No More Love

  1. He’s spoiled rotten, isn’t he? :avi:

    Avitable’s last blog post..A Letter To My Body

  2. My poopies do the same thing. But they pee all over my floor to get back at me. They did it twice day before yesterday, and twice yesterday because I left the house.

    Bastards. I always feel like, OMG you are killing my kids! When I take them to the vet, but they are troopers..

    The Absurdist’s last blog post..20 Questions Wednesday: Who can Top Top?

  3. I would LOVE to rub my head against you.

    Mr. Fabulous’s last blog post..Try to have fun wherever you can?

  4. Those are some cute pics of your kitty! And I don’t even like cats. :omg:

  5. Maybe the next time you need to try anasthesia.

    Solitaire’s last blog post..Blog Awards

  6. aww those photos are SO cute. I love the hat ones haha.

    and eep, im always wondering if my cat will hate me for things like that. But thankfully they dont seem to have very long memories. lol

    Brenna’s last blog post..Yahoo! Answers

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  8. Avi – Hells yeah.

    Chelle – They are evil sometimes.

    Fab – Anytime!

    cheri – That’s quite the compliment, they appreciate it.

    Solitaire – I’ll give that a try.

    Brenna – Yeah good thing.

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